Possibilities of Rowing Sport in Pokhara

Keshav Pathak, Pokhara
17 September 2018
The World Rowing Federation (FISA)’s development consultant, Ken Lee said that there are uncountable number of possibilities emerging for rowing games in Pokhara due to  breathtakingly beautiful lakes and mountains present in the valley.

In his recent meeting with the Mayor of Pokhara Metropolitan City Man Bahadur GC, Mr. Lee suggested that if Pokhara Metro City is ready to develop rowing games in Fewa and Begnas Lake, FISA will be all set to support to develop for the rowing training center in the very area.

Furthermore, Mr. Lee advised him to come forward for the development of rowing in those lakes. He added that the proposal is not only to support to develop rowing in Nepal but also to attract tourists which might in turn help in the economic sector of the country. “Because Pokhara is rich in natural beauty and consists of abundant lakes around the city, rowing seems more viable to attract literally anyone”, he said.

Additionally, Top of Form he believes that it is an adventurous sport and anybody who is interested can enjoy the trekking and as well as paragliding. Mr. Lee further added that although rowing can be a costly sport, it is attached with Olympic Games, and because of this the players usually tend to choose high altitude lakes to enjoy the training. For this, Pokhara turns out to be quite suitable for rowing sport events.

In the same meeting, Mayor GC confidently expressed to Mr. Lee that Metro City have a high commitment to enhance sports in the city, are that they are ready to support FISA to encourage rowing games. In addition to that, he was happy to announce that Metro City is also building rules and laws for sports development in the area very soon. Lastly, he advised Mr. Lee that it will be more suitable in Begnas Lake rather than Fewa lake to develop rowing training center.

A member of Nepal Olympic Committee Mr. Tej Gurung added that these types of sport events are essential to promote and fulfill the aim of the government to attract two million tourists in the country by the year 2020.

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